The Shields family moved to Belle Plaine, Iowa in 1907 when Leroy was about 14 years old. All the following articles are taken from The Belle Plaine Union.
Leroy Shields Makes Good Impression
Greeted By Large House at Methodist Church Friday Evening. Shows Great Talent.
LeRoy Shields In Concert
Young Musician Gets Favorable Comment On Skillful Work
LeRoy Shields On Concert Tour
Belle Plaine's Noted Pianist In Tour of Large Cities In Benefit Concerts.
Roy Shield's in Charge of Music for Thirty Comedy Releases for 1930-31
Roy Shields Is Given Praise By Music Magazine
Will Be Musical Supervisor at Chicago NBC Studio
Roy Shields Praised by Wisconsin Paper
Roy Shield's Composition Broadcast
LeRoy Shields Back In Chicago
Spent Six Weeks in Hollywood Writing For Hal Roach
Remember Way Back? Ten, Twenty and Thirty Years Ago?
LeRoy Shields Here Sunday
Roy Shields Rated One of Five Best Composers
P. F. Shields Passed Away Sunday Morning
LeRoy Shields Dies January 9 at Fort Lauderdale

Special thanks to the Belle Plaine Historical Society and the Belle Plaine Community Library, Belle Plaine, Iowa.


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