In this overview, an attempt is made to present the total output of Shield's film compositions from 1935 to 1936 in chronological order. The references in italic type indicate where these songs can be found on the two albums by The Beau Hunks, The Original Little Rascals Music (1994) and On to the Show! (1995), issued by KOCH Screen and Basta. (The songs on the first Little Rascals album can also be heard on the European Laurel & Hardy double CD set on Basta.) Additionally, the tunes from Our Relations were recorded by The Metropole Orchestra and The Beau Hunks (2000), also on Basta.
"Join Hands" (hoe-down) [traditional, arr. Shield] Used for a "radio performance" in
Slightly Static [June, 1935].

August, 1935
Bonnie Scotland

"Medley of Scottish Airs"
"The Bonnie Banks O' Loch Lomond" - "The Bluebells of Scotland" - "Comin' Thru the Rye" - "Annie Laurie"

"Fastie" (#1)
A hurry cue first used during the fight between English and Indian soldiers.
On to the Show, track 14

"Quickie" (a.k.a. "Fastie #2") Another hurry cue.

"Rajah" (a.k.a. "Oriental") The transition from England to India is made to the accompaniment of "Rajah."
On to the Show, track 9


"Standin' on the Corner"
On to the Show, track 13

"Steppin' Along With a Song"
Little Rascals Music, track 42

"Colonial Gayeties"
Little Rascals Music, track 44

"Streamline Susie"
On to the Show, track 2

"Rhumba Rhythm"
An exotic tune with references to Mexican and Cuban dance rhythms. In 1946 the melody was slightly re written and retitled "Cuban Carnival," arranged for piano by D. Savino.
On to the Show, track 12

"Moonlight Dreams" Used in Manhattan Monkey Business, Neighborhood House, Kelly the Second, Mister Cinderella.

"Move Your Feet" Very fast dance tune appearing in Brats (reissue) and Nobody's Baby.
"Just A Melody Sweet" Appears in Manhattan Monkey Business, Divot Diggers, Neighborhood House, Blotto (reissue), and Nobody's Baby. "Hot and Dry"
On to the Show, track 10

"Up in Room 14" served as the opening title music of Todd & Kelly's The All-American Toothache (1936). The 1937 reissue of Brats contains a version with a clarinet solo and one with a trombone solo.
On to the Show, track 49

"Beyond the Rainbow"
On to the Show, track 48

Little Rascals Music, track 47

"Early Morning" (a.k.a. "Illusion") In 1939 lyrics (by Lou Holzer) were added to the song, which was retitled "Illusion" in the process: "Were you in my arms, or was it just illusion? I'm still in confusion, my love…"
On to the Show, track 11

"Autumn Leaves" Used in Mister Cinderella and Brats (reissue).

"Love Is Everything to Me" Used in Neighborhood House and Nobody's Baby.



"Nautchette" Oriental theme.

"There'll Always Be A Memory Within My Heart" appears in Bonnie Scotland. In 1939 lyrics (by Lou Holzer) were added to the song, which was renamed "Tonight We Love" in the process.

May, 1936
Our Relations

1. "Our Relations (Overture)"
2. "Ku-Ku" (Hatley, arr. Shield)
3. "We're Just A Happy Family" The scene in which the Laurels and the Hardys pass their cups around the table at high tea is enhanced by this jolly melody.
Little Rascals Music, track 43

4. "Transition #1"
5. "Carefree"
6. "Transition #2"
7. "Captain Winkle"
8. "Alf's Hornpipe" This bouncy sea chanty introduces Alf and Bert, sailors on the S.S. Periwinkle. It is a musical variation of elements from a traditional tune called "The Sailor's Hornpipe."
On to the Show, track 37

9. "Walkin' the Deck" A short "transition" piece to segue "Alf's Horn pipe" onto "Fancy This." Recycled in 1946 as "Dramatic Transition No. 61", published in Folio 2 of Roy Shield's Transitions for Radio.
On to the Show, track 38

10. "Fancy This"
On to the Show, track 39

11. "Captain Winkle" (pt. 2)
12. "Transition #3"
13. "We're Out for Fun" May have been written for the deleted traffic jam scene.
Little Rascals Music, track 46

14. "Just A Kiss" (waltz) Cut from Our Relations, but appears in Daily Beauty Rituals (1937). In 1938 lyrics (by Mitchell Parish) were added.

15. "Walk"
16. "Drunk"
17. "Don't Push Me"
18. "Mrs. McGregor"
19. "Transition #4"
20. "Gossip"
21. "It's the Law"
22. "Dancing on the Clouds"
23. "Just A Little Rhythm"
24. "Happy Birthday"
25. "Chords"
26. "On a Sunny Afternoon"
Little Rascals Music, track 45

27. "Let's Face It" (fox trot)
On to the Show, track 47

28. "On the Dock"
29. "Finale (for End Title)"

Late 1937
Our Gang Follies of 1938

"Interlude" Shield's last composition for the Hal Roach studios. Alfalfa dreams he's an opera star, sing ing The Barber of Seville. "Interlude" transports Alfalfa and Porky to the stage door of an opera theatre.
On to the Show, track 46

Unconfirmed Titles
From 1930–1931

"Hootchy Kootch" Shield's adaptation of a centuries-old folk strain known as the "Hootchy- Cootchy Polka," probably of Arabian origin. It is used in Laurel & Hardy's Be Big (January, 1931).
On to the Show, track 33

"Agitato 1"
"Deadly Walk"
"Misterioso" (Hurry)
"Sore Feet" (Laugh)
"Ta Da"

Leroy Shield's Film Music:
1930-1931 | 1935-1936

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