Leroy Shields registered and served in the US Army during WWI. He was stationed at Fort Des Moines, Iowa and quickly became the regiment's band conductor. The following articles appeared in the Fort Des Moines Post.

Private Shields is writing music for a show
Shields is part of a glee club program
Accompaniment is provided by Private Shields
Barracks 3 houses some notable residents
Orchestra shows 'new life'
Private Shields is the new band leader
Private Shields "brings down the house"
LeRoy B. Shields is promoted
A special concert is directed by Corporal Shields
Two band concerts per week - Shields plays at party
Six-piece orchestra lead by "Sergeant" Shields
A former fort singer and accompanist "give fine program"
Band leader Shields recruits a drum major
The post band is disbanded
'Re-banded', band plays Fourth of July celebration
Shields' "bunk fatigue"

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