Leroy Shields' Passport - 1921-1922

In February 1921 Shield applied for a passport to perform in Cuba. And a year later it was ammended to include England, France, and Germany.

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1. At this time Shield is living at 633 West 152nd in New York City and lists his occupation as musician.
2. On this page, Shield is described as 27 years-old with "blue eyes, a round face, and medium chin."
3. Here, Shields' agency writes to the Department of State in an effort to speed the delivery of the passport in time for his departure date.

4. Passport photo - Leroy Bernard Shields at 27.
5. A notarized letter from Shields' father, Patrick, vouching for Leroy's citizenship. 6. A March 1922 request to add England, France, and Germany to the passport for reasons of study and travel. He's now living at 418 West 118th in New York City. (1.9 miles from his former address)

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